Phoenix Area Event Specialists

Weather Policy

Attention! Please, read this policy and rules carefully before you request or reserve your bouncy.

If it is raining the day of the party, you candecide to cancel, you will then be charged half to the credit card. This charge will be credited in your name. You will have one full calendar year to use the funds with our company. Failure to use this credit with in a year, the money will be forfeited.

The rain will not hurt our equipment. We encourage you not to cancel due to rain as most times it is only scattered showers. If you are at the park we would offer exceptions.

The inflatable bouncy must be shut off if winds exceed 15 mph. No exceptions.

If it rains and winds are less than 15mph, leave the jumper up. Once the rain slows down or stops, wipe down the inside of the Moon Bounce and let the kids back in. The kids do not care if it has rained - they just want to jump. Note: The vinyl gets very slippery when wet, so make sure it is dry.
If winds are more than 15mph the unit must be deflated.


No sharp objects like a knives, scissors in any inflatable products such as bouncers and inflatable slides.
Please, remove glasses and shoes when you get on the products.
Keep less than 6 - 8 children inside of bouncy house at once.
No Silly String on any products. $500 fine when you use it on our products.
Not recommended for pregnant women. Could cause serious injury.
Only 2 people at a time are allowed at the top of a slide at once.
Concerning the 24 ft Dual Lane Slide, make sure to have someone watch to ensure the children are sliding correctly. Sliding from head could serious injury. We offer trained staff to watch over the kids at your event.
All inflatable products must shut off if wind exceeds over 15mph. No exceptions.
There must ALWAYS be someone supervising the bouncers. The most important duties of an attendant are limiting the number of kids in the inflatables at one time and making sure that the kids are all of similar size as well as following posted safety rules.
No more than two people should not climb at the same time.
When you climb water slide ensure to grab handles.

NOTE : If you have any questions regarding these above policies,
please, call us at 480-507-5867.
Business hours: 9am - 5pm (MON - SAT)